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A fantastic range of cloths that clean with just water.  They make cleaning safe for your family and are perfect for Allergy sufferers.  Not only that but they are quicker and easier than using chemicals while saving you money on chemical cleaners.

Removes GREASE, DIRT & BACTERIA all around the home

Our cloths remove & trap bacteria from any surface thanks to our micro fibres.  Not only that but they eliminate grease & dirt locking it away in the cloth.  Simply hand or machine wash to get them ready for their next clean.

Better for the Environment

You can reduce or eliminate the use of cleaning chemicals which means no plastic bottles or nasty ingredients going into our waterways or oceans. Simply use our cloths and water to clean.  All with a 1 YEAR GUARANTEE our cloths go on and on. Natural home cleaning products.

Our technology

All out cloths remove bacteria, dirt and grease and leave surfaces sparkling.

All our cloths remove dirt, grease and bacteria from all your surfaces round the home

Kitchen Cleaning - Surrey

 "My house is sparkling after using the Kitchen Kit and All Purpose Cloth" 

Sparking Windows - Cheshire

 "I bought the window kit and was amazed at the sparkle on my windows and frames." 

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